Why Home Renovation Skills Are In High Demand

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home renovation skills

Students gain home renovation skills using a recipe for success

With Bernadette Janson, founder of The School of Renovating, Stephen Janson has been an integral part of the school’s development. 

Here, Stephen, a senior project manager on large scale construction projects, shares his story of how the school has evolved to ensure students gain the confidence and skills to fulfil their renovating dreams. 

At The School Of Renovating, we teach students the steps you will continue to use throughout your career in home renovation. It is a foolproof process and is very easy to follow. We have so many success stories from former students who have gone on to have fantastic careers in home renovation.

How You Can Enjoy The Benefits Of Our Program 

  • Follow a concise and interesting training process 
  • We guide and mentor you for continued success in projects 
  • Have life-changing experiences as a profitable renovator
  • Become part of a lively community of renovators

Younger Or Older, We Help You Build Your Home Renovation Skills

Several strategies can be used for home renovation depending on where you are in life. If you are on the younger side and are looking at developing you can start by

  • Purchasing your first home and renovating
  • Becoming part of a joint venture in a supportive environment

We will provide you with strategies to accomplish this. For some of our students starting on their own home makes sense because it is low risk and provides a simpler project to hone their home improvement skills without time constraints.

Starting On Your Own Home

By using your own home as a first project you’ll have

  • low risk with a mortgage in place and/or ownership of the property 
  • time to renovate at your own pace without any time constraints
  • experience managing a renovation budget 
  • learn effective ways for working with trades 

After completing one or two projects, you will develop the confidence to do much larger projects, and you will be able to determine if you want to buy to hold the property  or buy to renovate and sell.

Construction Skills And Home Renovation Skills 

Stephen Janson is a highly experienced project manager for large construction projects. His distinguished career brings a wealth of relevant experience which he shares with students at The School Of Renovating. 

Stephen regularly collaborates with students on their projects, offering guidance and strategies to ensure profitable outcomes.

Home renovations require all the skills that are required in construction, only on a smaller scale.”

Stephen takes what he’s learned from large-scale initiatives with their major risks and challenges and applies it on a smaller scale including

  • Workmanship 
  • Quality control
  • Managing costs and budgets 
  • Managing people and trades 

As a project manager, Stephen teaches students to consider project risks, because risk analysis is often disregarded in small-scale house renovations.

It has been humbling for us at The School Of Renovation to see the home renovation skills we have been able to teach our students and to see how much they have benefited from our life-changing program.”   ~ Stephen Janson


Learn more about how to develop profitable renovation skills and fulfil your passion for creating beautiful homes. We invite you to join our Wonder Women Renovators program.

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