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I have been obsessed with renovating since I did my first project at 13 because I realised  that by changing my surroundings, it changed the way I felt about myself.
In over 30 years of renovating since, I have discovered that you can solve a lot of life’s problems with renovating.

I started the School Of Renovating in 2013 to have an impact on the world. I wanted to help creative women to channel their flair and love for homemaking into an income with renovating and airbnb.

Fun Facts About My Renovating

  1. I retired from nursing at 29 , have been renovating for over 30 years since.
  2. Only started making real profit when I outlawed DIY
  3. Still love to add a personal touch , have been known to make curtains, upholster roadside finds and crochet light fittings from  wire
  4. Renovated to solve the avocado smash problem in our family
  5. Love the beginning and the end of a reno, not so fussed about the middle
  6. Have done a renovation plus ridden a bike 500km in 5 days in blistering heat to do good in a big way
  7. My best payday ever was $600,000 with an investment of $95,000 in a deal that took 30 days.

About Renovating

When you get it right, renovating is a career that pays off.

Understanding and making the most of a property’s potential is more than a fun hobby, it has the power to save you from worry about retirement, replace a job that underwhelms you, help your kids get their start in life, let you splurge on the people you care about and do good in the world.

Join hundreds of passionate women and men who live and breathe property and start living a life of creativity and abundance that benefits everyone around you.

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If you watch property shows on TV every chance you get, if you have stacks of much-loved home magazines all over the place and if you’d rather shop for wallpaper than shoes, you’re one of us.

The great news is you can turn this passion into a fulfilling and rewarding career
Our unique training institute gives you access to professional advice and guidance so you can have a fully flexible working day, earn real money and live the life you love.

It’s time to stop wondering about ‘What if’ and start building your future, your way. With the right advice, guidance and support, you’ll have the best possible chance of success.

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