Tony Robbins: What To Expect On Your First Date?

Tony Robbins

Our date had another 6,000 people but still, it was my time with Tony Robbins.

Usually our newsletters are written by Bernadette Janson; although this week I asked if I could share my experience at Unleash The Power Within with our community. This is to help you understand a little more about mindset and how important it is in renovating. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the Marketing Manager of The School Of Renovating. But just like you, I am also a budding renovator who wants to get her first project off the ground!

It was a Wednesday night when the phone rang and I was washing the dishes (world’s most boring unpaid job). I knew Tony Robbins was in Sydney but I told myself that the temptation of going when I was so busy couldn’t happen.

Yes, you bet I found a way to get there to squeeze in some time with one of the world’s most influential people of our time!

When I walked into the Dome at Homebush, the music was blaring and the crowd was dancing. I could hear Tony Robbins echoing from the stage. Seven screens with his face were staring back at me. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement that I began to cry; because that’s what girls do when they are super happy. I had been waiting eight years to see him and here i was standing in the room amongst his contagious energy.

Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins

Before I knew it, he was asking me questions that you would never talk about on the first date! How dare he ask me such personal questions!!! Although somehow he had me writing my answers down frantically seconds later…

So here’s what we talked about as soon as we met; What are your two biggest stresses?

Now, I’m not going to try and teach you what I learnt but I will tell you this… I bet whatever two stresses are in your life are also present in the people around you. I bet we even have one out of two that are the same. The reason I know this is because I watched thousands of people put up their hand up with me when we were sharing our stresses! The difference is, how we all choose to deal with those anxieties that are continually playing on our mind. And notice I said mind, because that is where they live and flourish.

As you can imagine my first date was intense and exhausting but I came out feeling on top of the world… What was the shift that took eight hours to cement? The story of why I tell myself “I can’t” and how I had to start telling myself the story of why “I can”.

This makes me think of a children’s book I always heard of but never read “The Little Engine That Could”, I just ordered this for my little girls and I think every child should have this in their library. I was also told about a book I need to read written by Tony Robbins to compliment my learning for the day, “Awaken The Giant Within”.  If you would like to exercise your mindset, this is a fantastic start!
The School of Renovating and She Renovates Podcast with Bernadette Janson

When it comes to getting your first renovation project off the ground, it is very scary and exciting. Over the years, I found that I told myself that “it’s not the right time”, “I just need to do this”, “How am I going to save for a deposit”? “Where will I find the time”?

And I know that they are the same questions you will be asking yourself as well.

So your homework after reading this email is to write down:
  1. What has been stopping you from starting your dream of renovating?
  2. What do you need to get started?

Sending you lots of positive energy,

P.S. I’m not an affiliate nor do I get any commissions for my recommendations. I am just sharing with you the materials that are helping me grow.

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