Susie Guest’s Meteoric Journey To Reno Stardom

susie guest

Susie Guest's Meteoric Journey To Reno Stardom

I have always had a passion for all things real estate and interior design. This started when I was 16 yrs old and painted, wallpapered and redecorated the family home. I bought my first home at 21 for the grand sum of $30,000, then worked in home consults for a curtain and soft furnishing store. Later managing a furniture and floor coverings store. Then over the years I have purchased, renovated and sold quite a few properties. Each time adding value to them, some just cosmetic, others more extensive renos. Everything from apartments to farms.

susie guest

How has renovating impacted your life?

For many years I saw this as a hobby and something that I enjoyed doing with deep satisfaction on the end product. My children certainly learned to live and adapt with missing walls and floors at times and everything that this entails. You may not think that as littlies, they are taking much notice of what you are doing, but as adults, one son is constantly renovating his home and the other has a keen eye for detail. So 2 years ago I started Guest Property Projects and renovating other people’s homes. My aim is to take my clients on a journey that creates happy and lasting memories and save them money in the process. I still work on my own projects. One I have kept, which is an apartment in Docklands that we successfully airbnb and our latest one, we have just sold (for a profit in this current climate) and are about to move again. I just wished that I had the courage to start this sooner.

What are your three top tips for renovating and property?

  1. Be organised and diligent. Take lots of photos and record keeping. Always check your quotes to the invoices.
  2. Make sure that you pay attention to detail and know your market. Could save you and make you thousands in the long run. Avoid costly mistakes.
  3. Learn to be adaptable and look for solutions. Sometimes builders and engineers will look for the easiest way, not necessarily the most cost effective way

To learn more about Susie Guest’s sucess story, listen to the podcast episode 27 – Susie Guest Her Meteoric Journey To Reno Stardom.

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