Investment Apartment In Wollongong By: Sheree Lamb

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Investment Apartment In Wollongong

Renovator: Sheree Lamb
Project: Investment (Apartment In Wollongong)
Purpose: Investment to provide equity and also an income

Scope of Work:

We did a cosmetic renovation of the property for short term rental

The biggest challenge with this project:

We worked on a TSOR suggestion list and it went smoothly. The apartment is old and because we didn’t structurally renovate we kept up to date with guest feedback and attended to any maintenance immediately.

Best reno budget finds:

Cheap offcuts of wood at Bunnings, furniture for styling

How long did the renovation take?

3 weeks, major cleaning and rubbish removal, internal painting, plumbing to toilet and shower

The biggest lesson:

The need to set goals and plans around those goals
To paraphrase others… a goal without a plan is merely a daydream or a wish. To realize your daydreams you need to drill down into the goals to create lists. Consistent work at the lists, goals, plans will reward your efforts with a finished product. The SoR -knowledge base, support, and community is the tool that enables you to realize your dream

Cost Breakdown

Purchase Price Buying Cost Holding Cost Renovation Cost
$427,500 $2,000 $3,000 $3,500

Valuation:  Conservatively $500K, structurally renovated $550K range

Profit? YES – rental increase by $140/week

Increase In Value:
Paid $427,500, cosmetic now worth $490, structural renovation would increase worth approx $550 range as market confidence has changed

Sheree’s advice to all budding renovators:
Start Today and keep Chipping away!
Realise your dreams by investing in your knowledge, surrounding yourself with positive like minded people, goal set, plan, create job lists and work through the lists. As you check off your plan, your goals and dreams are no longer a wish. They are a reality with reason to celebrate.

She Renovates Free Facebook Group

If you want to meet up with a group of savvy renovators. I would say come over and join She Renovates Facebook Group. It’s a completely FREE Facebook group and it is growing at the rate of knots. We hit over a thousand members just recently, and now it seems to have picked up momentum. They are all savvy renovating women and men working their little hearts out to live a better life through renovating.

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