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The School of Renovating and She Renovates Podcast with Bernadette Janson

Svetlana Thorpe and Bernadette Janson Talk About the Art of Renovating for Profit

Svetlana Thorpe invited me to talk about the business of renovating on her podcast, The New South Wales Property Show. We have a shared passion for property, but Svetlana thought her listeners would like to hear about what it takes to make a profit from buying, renovating and selling properties.

Svetlana had some interesting questions for me that ensured that her listeners would have a fairly good idea of where to start if they were interested in mastering the art of renovating for profit. We covered everything from what you need to know before you begin renovating for profit, the easiest ways to add value to a property, why you should avoid DIY, hiring the right tradie for the job, getting council approval and sticking to your budget.

I am sure you will find our discussion interesting and full of useful information.

How To Master The Art Of Renovating For Profit With Svetlana Thorpe

  • [02:10] How Bernadette Janson started doing renovating for profit
  • [03:13] Renovating is a powerful way to build financial stability.
  • [05:15] The cosmetic plus system
  • [7:44] The easiest things you can do to add value to a project
  • [08:47] The class project in Newcastle.
  • [10:19] Home office spaces
  • [12:44] Bernadette’s thoughts on DIY
  • [15:16] How do you find and select good trades.
  • [19:31] Council Approvals
  • [22:30] How do you manage the cost of the renovation?
  • [28:32] Apartments renovation


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