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buying renovating selling websites with liz raad

Buying, Renovating and Selling Websites with Liz Raad

This week we have something very special for you. About a year ago I invited Liz Raad to talk about renovating websites. I have been interested in this strategy for quite some time, for a couple of reasons. One is because it’s about developing our digital skills, and ‘digital’ is definitely an increasingly current theme. loaded with opportunities. And secondly, the opportunities to invest can start at very low price points when compared to property investing.

This is an encore episode because it is now even more relevant to know about these types of opportunities. Enjoy!

If you are keen to jump ahead – check out the free Masterclass opportunity now available…

Whenever I make a decision to learn a new skill, I like to shortcut the learning curve and get some help from someone who has already walked the walk. And so my guest today is the person that I have chosen as my mentor and that’s Liz Raad.

Buying, Renovating and Selling Websites with Liz Raad

  • [00:34] Bernadette’s goal number 33: learn to flip websites
  • [02:55] Being a confident woman in a male dominated industry
  • [03:45] From buying and selling real estate properties to buying and renovating websites 
  • [05:17] Setting short-term and long-term goals in buying and renovating websites
  • [05:17] How to build a more passive income 
  • [06:50] Cashflow strategies and long-term assets strategies
  • [07:29] Helping local businesses with their websites and generate cashflow
  • [09:18] How long does it take to become proficient in buying and renovating websites
  • [10:23] How a student leveraged and accelerated her website renovating journey
  • [11:43] There is a learning journey but once you have it renovating is a skill for life
  • [15:13] Keeping your brain working while generating income 
  • [16:04] You need experience and mastery in buying websites and buying property
  • [17:08] Renovating  websites from a couple of hundred dollars to multi-million dollars
  • [18:23] How to pick website deals that suit you
  • [19:27] Does the buyer’s agent have a role in buying websites? 
  • [20:17] Why due diligence is worth millions
  • [22:09] The low buy-in makes renovating websites a  much safer process
  • [26:05] Buying a website is like buying a blue-chip suburb
  • [28:48] Our goal in buying and renovating a website is always to double our income 
  • [30:04] Is it better to buy websites on topics that you’re passionate about?
  • [29:54] The skills that your website renovating team must have 
  • [33:44]  How renovating websites is similar to renovating properties 

There’s going to be the learning journey but that’s okay because once you’ve got it, I think this is our big thing, we believe it’s a skill for life because we’re going forward into that digital age, anyway.”
~ Liz Raad

Training To Get You Started In Buying And Renovating Websites

Liz and Matt Raad offer a free Masterclass training that goes into detail about the processes and how it all works. They show you how to get started and teach you everything you need to take the first step. The training answers the questions people often ask:

  • What is this all about?
  • Is this something I could actually do?
  • Would it suit me?

Liz and Matt have created a special webinar for us, as property investors. It answers questions about how it can fit into your lifestyle and how it works in relation to investing in property. Can you use it to actually supplement your property income? 

You can register for the Masterclass and learn from Liz and her husband, Matt, the experts in renovating online property. 

We would love for you to join us if your interest has peaked, as mine has been meeting people who have taken the first step into the digital world of renovating online property. 


Special Live Presentation with Liz and Matt Raad (How To Buy & Renovate Websites For Passive Income)
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