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When Do You Need To Write A Renovation Scope Of Work?

It is important to note that you only need to take responsibility for the scopes of work if you are the one project managing trades directly – as we do in our typical Cosmetic-Plus renovations. If you are engaging a builder to manage your whole renovation then the scopes are the builder’s responsibility.

By popular demand, this is an encore episode to refresh your reno skills. Enjoy!

A renovation scope of work is a written account of the tasks that you require each trade to complete on your project and an outline of your rules of engagement. It forms the basis of your tendering process and ensures that the majority work that needs to be done to complete the project is covered by the trade quotes.

How To Write A Scope Of Work For Renovation


  • [1:34] New feature release: What’s Your Reno Question?
  • [3:30] What is the renovation scope of work?
  • [4:25] Importance of the scope work checklist
  • [6:09] Three main sections to the renovation scope of work
  • [6:42] Outlining the renovation project
  • [7:49] Talking about the communication details
  • [8:40] Timeframe of the renovation project
  • [9:15] Setting the standard of renovation work on your project
  • [9:53] Documentation you need for the project
  • [10:29] How to deal with waste
  • [11:40] Work details that trades need to cover
  • [15:20] The Newcastle Class project update

Preparing scopes of work is an important part of the renovation process. When we are renovating professionally, we need to operate in a way that reduces the risk of mistakes and makes our life easier, and our projects run smoothly…” ~ Bernadette Janson

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