74 – Money Habits To Empower Your Renovating

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empower your renovating

Today,  I am going to talk about money habits. The way we interact with money. I will share with you my personal principles and the things that I have used to help manage money over time.

Listen to Episode 74: Money Habits To Empower Your Renovating

Podcast: Download (Duration: 22:22 — 22.62 MB)

Episode Highlights

  1. [01:43Online session for Bootcamp testers
  2. [04:02] Credit card spending
  3. [05:20] Napoleon Hill’s book on hypnotic rhythm
  4. [06:22] Dave Ramsey’s book on getting rid of debt
  5. [09:36] Prioritising your spend based on your personal values
  6. [11:19] Putting together and implementing a personal budget
  7. [15:05] Inheriting a mindset around money
  8. [15:41] Getting the mortgage paid off with renovating
  9. [16:37] Subscribing to social norms
  10. [17:05] Downsizing and surviving without a car

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Bernadette Janson

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