73 – RenoSave Card: A Powerful Renovating Tool

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a powerful renovating tool

Today,  we have a special guest, Rob Flux from RenoSave. Rob is going to share with us how he started with RenoSave card and why it has countless benefits that for renovators are a huge opportunity to get savings from having access to amazing deals from reputable suppliers.

Listen to Episode 73: RenoSave Card: A Powerful Renovating Tool

Podcast: Download (Duration: 19:16 — 19.79 MB)

Episode Highlights

  1. [01:05] Wonder Women program
  2. [02:15] Merging RenoSave Card into the Property Developer Network community
  3. [03:38] Linking Bunnings PowerPass Card to RenoSave
  4. [05:08] Getting approximately 10% discount across the board
  5. [08:30] $99 annual subscription rate
  6. [09:50] Get something a little bit better if you’re in one particular location
  7. [10:37] We have 40 odd suppliers and concrete and timber suppliers coming soon
  8. [10:48] The Ambassador Card
  9. [13:11] Doing your shopping on our page first
  10. [13:44] Learn it, use it, use it again
  11. [14:19]Exclusive coupon code

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