70 – A High Cashflow Strategy For This Market

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high cash flow strategy

In this episode I am with my favourite co-host, Jo Vadillo of Advocate Property Services to talk about the opportunities for buying new properties on a specific market that doesn’t fluctuate that much and is still open for giving little boosts in providing savings right now.

Listen to Episode 70: A High Cashflow Strategy For This Market

Podcast: Download (Duration: 25:06 — 25.13 MB)

Episode Highlights

  1. [02:58]We’re going to see a business as usual but business done differently
  2. [04:19]Dual Key and Duplex
  3. [06:05]A good solution to investors that wants a really strong continuity of income
  4. [07:09]Risk management is even more important than it has ever been
  5. [08:29]Dual key property hotspots
  6. [10:00]Stamp duty benefits for buying
  7. [11:45]Meet what the guidelines are set for receiving any benefits 
  8. [13:29]Developers have land tax obligations as well
  9. [16:54]With a self-managed super fund you do need to build on a one contract only
  10. [17:25]“Buyer beware”: the bill cost is a little bit steeper for dual key properties

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