67 – How To Manage Your Mindset During Challenging Times

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positive mindset

In this episode, I have Georgiana Kovell, an international sales and performance Coach and founder of Millions of Women Strong who’s worked with women around the world to transform their personal and professional lives.

Georgiana has been the person that I’ve turned to when life got tough and so I think it’s very appropriate that we have her here today sharing her wisdom with my community. So I hope you enjoy it.

Listen to Episode 67: Having A Positive Mindset Through These Challenging Times

Podcast: Download (Duration:34:49 — 33.71 MB)

Episode Highlights

  1. [06.13] Opportunities: What opportunities that you’re going to create for yourself right now is really going to alter your future
  2. [07:44] Fear: How the world occurs for you gives you that way of being and fear is one of those ways of being
  3. [16:36] Getting Together: There’s getting into community with people that are like-minded
  4. [19:43] Proactiveness: it’s still that human wellness that we have to take care of
  5. [22:05] Mindset: What is that thing that’s bigger than all of this right now, that you can do to move to create forward progress for you?
  6. [24:05] Support: Support the small businesses in our community because they need us as much as possible
  7. [25:17] Gratitude: I choose to believe that from everything that is difficult something much better comes from it
  8. [27:22] Positivity: I’m starting my day on a positive note and I’m ending my day in the positive

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