66 – Powerfully Navigate The Lockdown With These Eight Words

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navigate uncharted water

In this episode, I highlight some ways of being that will help you to not only survive these difficult times but even blossom.

Listen to Episode 66: Powerfully Navigate The Lockdown With These 8 Words

Podcast: Download (Duration: 17:07 — 17.51 MB)

Episode Highlights

  1. [2.22] Mindset: If there was ever a time to manage your mindset, it’s now.
  2. [4.40] Leadership: Most of us are role models in our families & communities.
  3. [6.53] Resourcefulness: Go back to basics
  4. [8.20] Gratitude: Takes your mind off what you don’t have and focuses on what you do have.
  5. [9.21] Kindness: Remember that not everyone comes from the same background and that it’s important to exercise kindness.
  6. [11.02] Learning: Isaac Newton discovered gravity while in quarantine during the bubonic plague in 1666
  7. [12.53] Creativity: A way of expanding in a time when everything else is contracting.
  8. [16.16] Uncertainty :Be kind to yourself in the face of uncertainty.

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Bernadette Janson

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