63 – How To Handle An Unsupportive Partner

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In today’s episode, I am joined once again by my fellow active renovator and occasional co-host, Jo Vadillo of Advocate Property Services. We will delve into ways of being able to get your partner on the same page. Also, we will dive into the significance of ensuring you spend time with the people who share the same goals and values as you.

Listen to Episode 63: How To Handle An Unsupportive Partner

Podcast: Download (Duration: 40:15 — 92.22 MB)

Episode Highlights

  • How to spot the red flags in your partner when it comes to renovation planning
  • The right approach in dealing with an unsupportive partner
  • Why women should avoid self-sabotage
  • What mommy guilt is and how to overcome it
  • How to get beyond those done deals which have gone bad
  • Renovation planning: How to bring your partner on the same page
  • Why it is critical to be selective of the people to share goals with

01:50 – Freedom…Against The Odds Event

03:52 – Jo Vadillo of Property Women

05:41 – An important distinction

07:36 – About the power play

11:15 – Inspiring women

14:11 – Some women sabotage themselves

17:29 – A level of professionalism

20:50 – Women struggle with guilt

25:00 – Some actionable list

28:24 – Rewarding for couples

31:52 – Be selective about who you share your goals with

36:43 – Surround yourself with people who are savvy

38:20 – Create that community of like minded people

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