60 – Avocado Smash Strategy Bondi Project

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bondi renovation project

In today’s episode of She Renovates, we’re chatting with my son and registered architect David Janson from Collins and Turner. He’s here to discuss our recent reno project on the apartment he bought as a deceased estate. He talks in detail about the changes he made in the apartment and how it increased its property value.

Listen to Episode 60: Avocado Smash Strategy Bondi Project

Podcast: Download (Duration: 52:58 — 121.86 MB)

Episode Highlights

  • The Scope of the Renovation
  • Satisfaction From Doing Your Own Project
  • The Vision for the Bathroom
  • Challenges
  • Property Value
  • Budget
  • Favourite Products from the Project
  • Paint
  • The Reno Procedure
  • Project Auction

01:23 – My Airbnb Empire

03:15 – The purchase price

06:13 – Make the property unique

08:36 – A vision of the bathroom

10:59 – Terrazzo

13:22 – Using a riser

15:11 – A massive safety net

18:19 – The benchmark

21:50 – Creative solutions

26:40 – Feeling of the space

28:48 – Build relationships

31:16 – Complying Development Certificate (CDC)

35:22 – Renovating older buildings

37:25 – In terms of decision making

40:00 – High end builds

42:59 – The built in wardrobe

45:20 – The building code

47:50 – Our favourite auctioneer

51:00 – Our boardroom bootcamp


bondi renovation project

Bondi Auction Day

bondi renovation project
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