59 – How To Plan Your Escape From 9 to 5 To Reno Heaven

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In today’s episode of She Renovates, we will talk about the steps you need to take when you make the switch from your 9–5 job towards reno heaven. We cover topics from generating income and financing your project to the strategies you need to incorporate in your projects.

Listen to Episode 59: How To Plan Your Escape From 9-5 To Reno Heaven

Podcast: Download (Duration: 23:53 — 52.44 MB)

Episode Highlights

  • Reasons Why People Escape From 9–5
  • Planning Your Life
  • Prepare for Challenges
  • Financing Your Reno Journey
  • Increasing Your Income
  • Property Purchasing
  • Setting Your Reno Strategy
  • The Support Team
  • Operating System

01:26 – The School Of Renovating Boardroom Bootcamp

03:22 – The first step in planning your escape

06:02 – Prepare for the challenges

08:11 – Negotiating

10:04 – Living expenses

12:37 – Managing cash requirements

14:35 – Stack another strategy into the reno

17:00 – The buyer’s agent

20:47 – Your strategic plan

21:53 – A great inspiration

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Bernadette Janson

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