21 – Day 14: 14 Days To A New Bathroom

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14 Days To A New Bathroom

Bernadette is on the final day of the mini-series 14 Days To A New Bathroom! To wrap up the 14-Day mini-series, she will be talking about the time frames in terms on how you could actually renovate a bathroom in 14 days, what sort of renovation that would be, and how you would apportion the time to achieve your reno goal.

This episode is a part of a 14-Day mini-series on Bathroom Renovations.

Listen to Day 14: 14 Days To A New Bathroom 

Podcast: Download (Duration: 07:31 — 15.6 MB)

Bernadette covers,

  • The importance of planning ahead of time and the essential things you should prepare for a smooth bathroom renovation
  • The type of renovation her 14-day mini series best relates to
  • The first trade you should bring in and the importance of using a team
  • The trade/s and their responsibilities for each day of your 14-day bathroom renovation
  • What she recommends if you want your bathroom reno to be done in less than 14 days

Episode highlights:

  • [00:00:22] The last episode in this series
  • [00:01:15] Renovate a bathroom in 14 days
  • [00:01:28] Have all your preparation done ahead of time
  • [00:02:33] The first trade is your demolition contractor
  • [00:03:10] For those 3 trades, I normally allow 3 days in total
  • [00:04:23] The reason why I specified timber frame properties
  • [00:05:26] Day 14: the painter comes in
  • [00:05:41] The best way to go is resurfacing
  • [00:06:15] A massive difference in price
The School of Renovating and She Renovates Podcast with Bernadette Janson


​Well hello! It’s Bernadette back with Day 14 in the mini series: 14 Days To A Beautiful New Bathroom. And I’m very happy to say that this is the last episode in this series. I have found it quite challenging. Believe it or not, a bit of a novice at this podcasting and I have to have a few go at it. Before I get it to a standard that is suitable for publishing. I’m very grateful for the fact that I have a team who come along behind me and complete all the other steps in the process. So all I really need to do is actually get the recording done. But even so I still have found it a bit of a challenge. I hope you’ve enjoyed the outcome and that it has been useful information for you with your bathroom renovation.

Now today I’m going to wrap it up just by talking about some time frames in terms of how you could actually renovate a bathroom in 14 days. What sort of renovation that would be and how you would apportion the time.

And the first thing I want to say, is that of course you need to have all your preparation done ahead of time. So the more prepared you are, the more smoothly your bathroom renovation will flow. And so you should have your planning complete, have your materials ordered and have them on site ready to go and also have your trades. Have them quoted and appointed and their timeline agreed with them. So they know what day you need them, so that the renovation runs smoothly.

Now the type of renovation that this really relates to, is a renovation of a bathroom in a house with timber frame walls, so brick veneer or whatever the exterior. But the stub walls inside and with not too many changes to the configuration, so it’s pretty plain sailing.

The first trade that you would bring in is your demolition contractor of course. Once again, make sure that you use a team. So that they get in and out quickly and if you do that, you should have someone be able to complete the demolition in a day and take away the wait. So that on day 2 you’re ready for your carpenter to start with any wall framing that you need and then plumber and electrical first fix. The plumber, technically will need a day and your electrician, probably not a full day. So for those 3 trades, I normally allow 3 days in total.

While your plumber will probably be a day, your builder will probably be a day or not even a full day but a half a day at the beginning and then once the electrical and plumbing is finished. Another half a day at the end to sheet the walls so that you’re ready for the waterproofer on day 5.

So the waterproofer, of course, needs 2 days for the waterproofing to be applied. The coats to be applied and also for it to dry sufficiently. So that you can start bringing your tiler in. On day 7, your tiler comes in with the floor grid, and then on day 8 you have the floor tiles. And on the rest of day 8, he’ll probably complete them before the day is over. He will start the wall tiles and complete them on day 9. So by the end of day 9, you should have your tiling complete.

I should jump in there and say, the reason why I specified a timber frame properties. If you have brick walls then you’re having to render, render takes time to dry. So it’s difficult to get it completed in 14 days. Okay, so day 9.

Day 10, you’re bringing your plumber in for 2nd fix. So day 10 11 and 12, a second fix for plumber, electrical and builder and glazier. Although the builder doesn’t have a huge amount to do. Usually it’s just fitting off tower rails and toilet roll holders and the like. And so days 11, 12 and 13 for second fix for the plumber, the electrician and the fit off of all the accessories. The towel rail and the toilet roll holder, etc… And that may even go in to day 14.

And on day 14 the painter comes in and paints the ceiling, the door and door frames and the window frame if needed. Often you don’t have a timber window frame in the bathroom and then the job’s done.

So if you’re planning a faster than 14 day bathroom renovation, then the best way to go is resurfacing. Which I covered I think in session 2, where it will take you probably 2 days to resurface. Then you may need to tile the floor as well, but certainly done and done that in under a week. And of course much cheaper.

So generally speaking your bathroom renovation will cost you probably around $10,000 whereas a resurfaced renovation about $2,500 so massive difference in price. But it just depends whether that is suitable for your application.

Before I sign off, I’d just like to invite you again to come over to the She Renovates Facebook group. We’ve got a new free Facebook group and we’re going to be running a competition on bathroom renovating in that group.

If you are interested in carrying on the conversation, I’d love to see you over there. And that’s it for now and of course as always, please if you are enjoying this episode, go over and leave us a review in iTunes. Because that will help to share the message that we’re up and running. And of course, if you have any questions or queries, you can always email those to me at bernadette@theschoolofrenovating.com. I welcome your emails and goodbye for now!

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Bernadette Janson

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