190 – Bernadette’s Goals for 2023

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In this personal episode of She Renovates podcast, Bernadette shares her personal goals, business goals, and project goals for 2023.

 Watch the Episode on Video:


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:50 Mental Health 
  • 02:39 Stephen’s Retirement 
  • 03:45 Harriet and new grandchild. 
  • 04:23 Business retreat
  • 05:51 Darley St. Project 
  • 09:27 Principal Place of Residence 
  • 16:29  Buying new studio property
  • 17:41 Be more social 
  • 19:40 New Website (Shhe Renovates)
  • 20:24 Wonder Women Community Model 
  • 26:18 Roadshow

The other thing that I’m in the process of planning is a road show with my two business besties What we thought we would do is try and get the message out there before they get roped in by Spookers and whatever to buy something that’s not in their best interest.

So it’s really about educating and making our women more savvy around property”


-Bernadette Janson


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Bernadette Janson

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