187 – What Does Co-Living Mean For Women In Renovating?

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Buying or renting property is out of reach for many people in Australia as property prices climb and rent increases, creating a housing crisis that cannot be ignored.

Jo Vadillo, one of our generous sponsors of She Renovates Live 2022, is working on an exciting renovation project that includes a strategy for providing affordable accommodation for those on a tight budget.

Jo has identified that women are a particularly vulnerable group who struggles to afford the high price of having a home to live in. She is determined to tackle the problem, so she has started renovating properties to create a co-living environment that has cash-flow benefits for her and makes having a roof over your head more affordable.  

Jo shared her ideas and insight on co-living with Bernadette Janson on this episode of the She Renovates podcast. She talked about what is meant by co-living, how it’s beneficial for women in renovating, and why it’s more affordable than living on your own. Click play to discover how this new multiple-tenant trend can help you increase your income.

 Watch the Episode on Video:


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:55 Jo Vadillo (Property Women)
  • 03:36 Jo’s Co-living project.
  • 06:30 Number of tenants
  • 09:42 The two types of co-living property
  • 12:56 Does Jo allow tenants that has pets?
  • 16:16 The configuration of the property
  • 22: 20 Jo’s project in sydney
  • 24:57 Airbnb 
  • 29:05 DA Development Application

You can build a property like, a modest size property with the idea of doing co-living. So you can do that, or as a renovator you can do a retrofit to something and make it work.”

-Jo Vadillo


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