186 – What Do Renovators Need To Know About The Build?

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The Build, by Temple and Webster, was one of our generous sponsors at our She Renovates Live event in 2022. We invited Laura Pittaway, the in-house interior designer at the build, to tell us more about how The Build can help renovators create beautiful homes. 

Laura has been working with The Build team for almost a year which she has found fun and interesting as it is different to working on residential projects. She shared some useful tips with Bernadette for how to renovate on a budget using some of the home improvement products available at The Build. 

Click play to find out how The Build has incorporated Laura’s interior design expertise in 3-D images of spaces using the home improvement products available from The Build.

 Watch the Episode on Video:


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:40 Laura Pittaway Background
  • 02:23 What does Laura do?
  • 05:39 Do buyers consult with renovators?
  • 08:45 What do renovators need to know about the build?
  • 11:05 Delivery
  • 11:49 What’s common myth about this industry?
  • 13:51 Trade account
  • 14:17 Temple and Webster’s best selling product?

Being an interior designer I guess by working with the build, I’m able to sort of offer inspiration, on a larger scale to more people. and, using these 3D spaces we can curate looks. To give them, more of an idea of what these products are gonna look like in, a real space and hopefully, give them a bit of confidence in the product and, make them feel confident about their purchase.”

-Laura Pittaway


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