184-Mary And Lilah Nieuwland: Short-Term Holiday Rentals And Other Renovating Projects

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Have you been sitting on the fence about renovating properties with the purpose of renting them out on a short-term basis? What’s holding you back? Short-term holiday rentals can be a great property investment strategy, resulting in wealth-building profits. 

Mary and Lilah Nieuwland, a mother and daughter property investment team, joined Bernadette Janson on She Renovates to talk about their short-term holiday rentals portfolio and why it is a profitable strategy.

Mary and Liliah have a three-pronged approach to property, including renovating homes for the purpose of Airbnb, renovating to sell for profit, and managing Airbnb properties. Their current portfolio includes four short-term holiday rental properties, five completed renovations, and two renovation projects in the pipeline.

Take a listen as they share what it’s like working together, managing other people’s properties, using short-term rentals to build cash flow, and how 2020, the height of the Covid pandemic, was their most successful year. 

 Watch the Episode on Video:


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:10  Mary and Lilah’s current reno projects
  • 03:23  What impact does renovating have on a mother and daughter relationship
  • 06:07 The type of Property Mary and Lilah host.
  • 08:45 Mary and Lilah’s Property in South Melbourne 
  • 12:17  Who’s responsible for the styling?
  • 13:46  Is long term stay reliable for Airbnb?
  • 16:43  What does Mary and Lilah think is the best type of property?
  • 18:55 What areas in Melbourne work best for short-term rental?
  • 21:19 Bookings  
  • 24:59  The most horrendous, scary, or funny experience with airbnb.

I was very aware in the beginning that I thought that if it would affect us, we would have to not work together. It would be much easier rather than,  jeopardize, our love and our friendship. But it’s actually worked out really well, and I’m thrilled”

Mary & Lilah Nieuwland


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