178 – An Opportunity To Connect With Like-Minded Women in Renovating

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she renovates live 2022

We have something extraordinary in store for all our incredible women renovating. She Renovates Live is an annual full-day event in its third year. We have been working hard to bring this event together and want to share all the exciting opportunities we have lined up for you.

She Renovates Live is a unique opportunity for women all around Australia who love renovating and property investing to come together in Sydney. It’s your chance to be in a room full of people who get it.

Listen to Bernadette Janson and Michelle Lewis tell you about the upcoming event. They are excited to host you and want to ensure you know what you are getting, from the fabulous new venue, how to book your ticket, and all the excellent presenters they have lined up for you.

It is the perfect opportunity for you to get your feet wet and learn about the business of renovating. If you are unsure whether you should attend, press play now to learn why you should take advantage of this unique opportunity.

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:39 Details of the event
  • 02:43 Event Theme: The Million Dollar Renovator
  • 03:24 Mindset
  • 04:49 Short term strategies
  • 06:34 She Renovates Live venue
  • 09:29 2022 is an interesting year in terms of property market
  • 11:47 Boardroom day.
  • 12:58 She Renovates Live speaker
  • 14:33 She Renovates Live program
  • 19:53 An opportunity to connect

If you are not a member of our community and you are thinking about coming and you’re thinking about renovating for profit, it’s a really good way of dipping your toe in.It’s not a big expense and you really get the sense of what’s involved with the strategy that you are considering pursuing. There’s a lot of education, in the program, but also you start to put together your team and your network because. You really do need to have a team that you can trust. And so being able to put that together in one day is a massive, advantage.Yes. there’s been lots of action behind the scenes. So a lot goes into putting this type of event together. And it’s really at an extremely unique opportunity for women all around Australia who love renovating, who love property investing to come together in Sydney and be in a room of people who get it.And that’s really rare. And it an exceptional opportunity.”

-Bernadette Janson


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Bernadette Janson

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