177 – Bernadette Speaks To James Burgin About A Little Known Way To Add Value To Your Strata Property

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how to add value to your strata property

“Small hinges, swing big doors” is a great expression to describe the renovation we’re covering in this podcast. Bernadette talked to James Burgin, our marketing guru and one of our School of Renovation students, about how he added value to his strata property in Bondi.

James has done a few renovations in his lifetime, including one in Melbourne and another in Phoenix, Arizona, in the USA. He was also involved in our class project in Newcastle. So, he is no stranger to the world of renovating.

James’ apartment is in a strata building of six units. It was starting to show its age, and the street appeal was poor. To add value to his property, James realised that something had to be done about the dated common property. So, he undertook to upgrade the building on a tight budget.

The result is a 5-10% increase in the value of all the properties in the building and better relationships with everyone there. Listen as James shares his experiences in adding value to his strata property. 

 Watch the Episode on Video:


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:47 James Burgin’s background
  • 03:02 How to improve street appeals
  • 04:02 James Burgin’s reno project
  • 08:08 What does James anticipate with returns in terms of value?
  • 10:20 Strata development is a reasonable committment
  • 15:02 Did James get any pushback on the special levy?
  • 18:14 The scope of work in James reno.
  • 25:04 The importance of emotional intelligence in renovating in a strata arrangement
  • 28:28 Tips for anyone doing a renovation for profit.

The tools and resources that you provide Bernadette are just amazing, not just for a home. We were doing cosmetic plus your system, on the whole strata building, it was the same principles and I used the resources. It really did make it easy”

-James Burgin

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