175 – Bernadette Janson Talks To John Lindeman About Understanding Property Investment And The Housing Market [Video]

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In this episode of She Renovates, Bernadette Janson spoke to John Lindeman. He has been in the property investment business for a long time and has a wealth of knowledge on the subject. This has made him one of Australia’s leading property market analysts, renowned as the property market researcher that experts go to for all their Australian housing market insights. 

John is a popular contributor to property-related media, such as Your Investment Property magazine, Michael Yardney’s Property Update, Kevin Turner’s Real Estate Talk, and Alan Kohler’s Eureka Report. To add to this, John also published a landmark, bestselling book for property investors: Mastering the Australian Housing Market. 

It was an honour to have John as a guest on the podcast to share his wealth of information. Listen as we talk about John’s property investment journey, choosing the best investment properties, property hotspots, negative- vs positive-geared properties, and much more. 

 Watch the Episode on Video:


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 01:44 Where did John’s interest in the property market come from?
  • 03:31 How do people work with John?
  • 04:44 The importance of educating yourself in the property market.
  • 05:49 John’s philosophies on property investing.
  • 07:28 The two big differing views on the property market.
  • 08:15 John’s stand on negative gearing.
  • 14:59 John’s thoughts on the property market rates.
  • 20:10 Tips for someone getting started renovating for profit.
  • 27:22 Does John still provide suburb reports and state reports?


Lindeman Reports

John Lindeman’s Mastering The Australian Housing Market

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