174 – Prue Muirhead Chats To Bernadette Janson About Strategically Growing Wealth Through Property Investment And Management [Video]

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prue muirhead property investor

Bernadette spoke to Prue Muirhead, a true rock star in the property industry. She is well known in the media and investment industry, being the winner of an Australian Property Investor of the Year award. She also lectured in property investment and management at TAFE, South Australia, for ten years.

Prue holds an extensive positive cash flow property portfolio with her husband, Andy. They run their own property management business, Muirhead Property Management, and comprehensively understand how property can change your life. 

Prue generously shared her expertise with Bernadette on the strategy she has used to build wealth through investment properties and growing her property management business with her husband. Click play to benefit from Prue Muirhead’s valuable advice.

 Watch the Episode on Video:


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:07 Prue Muirhead of Muirhead Property Management
  • 04:35 What’s the scariest thing Prue Muirhead had in property?
  • 09:11The advantage of having a supportive husband.
  • 12:14 Prue’s son Benson bought an investment property. 
  • 13:46 Prue Muirhead’s thoughts on mentors.
  • 18:42 What makes a good landlord?
  • 22:52 Tips to landlords on how to maximize their rental properties.
  • 28:19 Tips to someone starting out in property investing.
  • 32:24 Prue Muirhead’s experience with the ripple effect?
  • 37:20 The reason why you need your property managed.


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