173 – Why 50 Plus Are The Years Where The Magic Happens For Women In Renovating [Video]

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How Women Over Fifty Can Transform Their Lives With Renovating

50 is a magic number if you want to transform your life with renovating if my experience is anything to go by. In this episode of She Renovates, I will be telling you why you need to be thinking about this and what steps you need to take to step into action. If you have the reno gene, this is for you.

Our tribe thrives on the process of searching for a property, deciding what direction to take it in, and completing the renovation. Of course, there are times when it challenges our sense of perseverance, but on the whole, it is our absolute passion. So when I say you need to have the Reno gene, you’ll know whether you have it or not.

How do I know I have the reno gene? I just can’t help myself. I keep telling myself I will have fewer projects, but I can’t say no to the next project. My family have intervened. We now have a process, whether we take on a new project or not. And I’m not the decision maker because I’m a renovation addict!

Listen as I tell you why women in their fifties are super-powerful entrepreneurs who draw on their life experiences to create a tailor-made business for them. 

 Watch the Episode on Video:


00:00 Intro
00:50 50 is a Magic Number in renovating
02:19 How My Renovating Business Changed In My Fifties
03:50 Why Women Over Fifty Are At An Important Time For Renovating For Profit
06:10 My Mom’s Experience With Money In Midlife
10:12 The World Is Your Oyster When You Are Financially Independent
11:30 Why Women Over Fifty Are Entrepreneurial Superpowers
15:40 Steps To Take To Start Renovating For Profit
19:53 Women Over Fifty Can Make Magic Happen In Their Renovating Business

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Bernadette Janson

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