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Hilary Saxton

Hilary Saxton On Building A Confidence Mindset To Renovate For Profit

Hilary Saxton is a go-getter. She is determined and tenacious. She has a strong desire to empower all people, but mostly women to realize that they can dream and have whatever they want. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what matters is where you want to go.”

This is how Hilary describes herself… She works with people in property and business to help them formulate a strategy and equip them with the knowledge they require to build their confidence to succeed. Her ultimate superpower is enabling people to do anything they want. 

Hilary is a podcast host of a new podcast called “Frozen to Fearless” and the “Property Mastermind” podcast, where she shares how to add value to your property journey through high-quality education, guidance, and accountability.

Empowering Women To Profit Through Renovating

What came through loud and clear in her chat with Bernadette is Hilary has a strong desire to uplift women. Rather than teaching them how to make a profit through renovating, she teaches them they can go out and do that. She encourages women to choose their destination. Hilary Saxton is bold and daring, she makes mistakes, and she gets tired and grumpy. But she gives it a go! 

And when I leave this earth, no one will say: “she was nice”. And I’ve said this a few times, I never want to be remembered as nice. I want to be remembered as memorable and I want to change as many lives as possible through just giving people that feeling. And I still struggle with all the stuff that we all do.” ~ Hilary Saxton

How does Hilary inspire people to reach for their goals? She stands up on stage and speaks to more and more people. She lives with the belief that she is lucky. She notices how lucky she is, which makes her feel even luckier and that results in spirals of positive results. 

Hilary shares about life, mindset, setting goals and learning about your true values. She is not shy to share her passion with us. Listen to her phenomenal success story and how she can inspire you.

 Watch the Episode on Video:

Episode Highlights With Hilary Saxton

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:50 Who is Hilary Saxton?
  • 03:49 Empowering women
  • 06:15 Hillary’s renovating journey
  • 12:26 Hillary’s thoughts on the line of credit
  • 14:51 What made the difference in terms of mindset?
  • 19:07 The impact of renovating for profit on Hillary Saxton’s family.
  • 21:19 Property development in New Zealand
  • 23:57 Micro development
  • 28:51 Finding a deal is difficult
  • 32:22 Frozen to Fearless Podcast
  • 38:26 How to find your own personal values

To all the women who hear this and everybody, but especially aimed at women bounce back better.”

~ Hilary Saxton


Bounce Back Better

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