170 – How To Use Renovating To Build A High Equity, High Cashflow Portfolio Fast

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best strategies to build high equity and high cash flow renovation portfolio

How To Build a High Equity and High Cashflow Renovation Portfolio

Renovating is addictive! It is easy to get sucked into the vortex of your current project with tunnel vision that can make it difficult to look towards the future. As a result, I have seen many people spend a large portion of their prime years trying to build up a portfolio so they can give up their day jobs, with very little success. 

They lacked a future-proofing strategy. I don’t want you to find yourself in the same boat. So, I will tell you the best strategies to build a high equity, high cash flow renovation portfolio – fast. Don’t forget to get the appropriate advice from professionals such as your financial planner or accountant familiar with your circumstances. You want to be able to minimise your risk and maximise your profit

Passive income is the goal of developing a long-term view of how renovating can help you achieve this. I spent many years being addicted to my projects without being strategic about my renovation business. I eventually realised I wasn’t getting to where I wanted to go. Over time I have learned lots of strategies to help me build wealth.

Listen to the podcast to find out which strategy doesn’t work and those that do. The best renovations business strategy will ensure good cash flow and maximise your profit. I have learned the hard way, so you don’t have to.

 Watch the Episode on Video:

Episode Highlights

  • [00:44] How to use renovating to build a portfolio.
  • [02:35] Strategies to build wealth.
  • [04:22] How to secure your next investment property.
  • [04:59] Micro development strategy.
  • [08:15] Principle rule of property investing
  • [09:06] Bernadette’s avocado smash joint venture 
  • [13:10] Work with a good accountant to navigate the tax
  • [13:39] The quality of your team will determine the success of your outcome
  • [14:43] Elizabeth Gordon’s renovation project.
  • [17:44] What are the benefits of renovating?
  • [19:11] Risks of renovating.

If you don’t take a longer-term view and start building passive income along the way, you won’t make sufficient income on your personal wealth.”
~ Bernadette Janson


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