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harness your superpower in styling holiday accommodations with katrina lumsden

Harness Your Superpower in Styling Holiday Accommodations with Katrina Lumsden

Katrina Lumsden has a strong passion for real estate. She has a new big goal: to buy, renovate and design a hotel in a cool holiday property. Think Palm Springs meets coastal luxe.

Styling for holiday accommodation is Katrina’s superpower. She has a business called Studio Haven which you can find on Instagram (@studiohaven_au). Working with holiday homeowners to elevate and transform their homes into must-stay destinations, Katrina is extremely passionate about her work, which she says lights her up. She has helped hundreds of holiday homeowners upgrade their properties and start earning a great income.

Bernadette invited Katrina to chat about the income-generating project she has recently completed in her own backyard. Her enthusiasm for elevated holiday properties and creating spaces at home to make you feel like you are on holiday is infectious. Take a listen to find out how you can tap into her skills.

 Watch the Episode on Video:

Episode Highlights

  • [03:16] Follow your passion for property.
  • [05:01] Styling for holiday accommodation is Katrina’s Superpower.
  • [12:24] What sort of clients does Katrina have.
  • [14:14] Aesthetics is important.
  • [14:22] How much did Katrina spend on the project?
  • [15:41] Katrina’s anticipated Income from Airbnb.
  • [17:19] Challenges with the project.
  • [23:48] Step out of your comfort zone.
  • [24:16] An Interior Designer and a Builder.
  • [25:54] Holiday in Style podcast.

I was thinking about flipping and I wasn’t feeling excited about doing it. I knew that I wanted to do an Airbnb, but I was thinking I have to take the emotion out of it because that’s what I love doing. It’s about going with your gut instinct as well. Once I made the decision, I knew I was going to make it work. I’m going to do an Airbnb. That’s what I want to do. And now I’m so excited about it.”
~ Katrina Lumsden

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