166 – A Conversation With Trevor Of Maggies at Trentham: From Renovation To Airbnb

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A Conversation With Trevor Of Maggies at Trentham: From Renovation To Airbnb

While we were in Hepburn Springs for our Wonder Women Retreat we visited Maggies at Trentham, an Airbnb property run by Trevor Salmon and his partner Andrew. The tour inspired a lot of creativity in our group, so I thought it would be a great idea for Trevor to share the joy of Maggies with us and give us some pointers on the strategy and the business model he has used to make the property a delightful success. 

Trevor talked us through how he and Andrew discovered Maggies at Trentham as a rental property and knew immediately that it could become something great. He offers some useful pointers for people considering the same journey and gives us a glimpse of his unique sense of style. This is a great conversation for people looking for a little inspiration and encouragement from people who have walked the path ahead of you.

 Watch the Episode on Video:

Episode Highlights

  • [03:09] How did Trevor and Andrew come by Maggies at Trentham?
  • [07:13] What was the source of the concept?
  • [11:42] How long did the renovation take? 
  • [12:15] Leonard Joel is a good source of antique stuff.
  • [14:21] How long does it take to get a regular income?
  • [18:04] How does Trevor collaborate with a local business?
  • [20:07] Does Trevor book the property directly to Airbnb?
  • [20:53] How much did Trevor spend to renovate?
  • [21:01] Lights can make the room look special.
  • [22:09] What does Trevor wish he knew before he started?
  • [22:13] Trevor’s advice for all wanting to Airbnb arbitrage

There’s a lot to see and do just within the house itself, a deliberate setup in creating this experience as something quite different. We have tried to create a special feel with a sense of wow when people arrive at the house.
~ Trevor Salmon


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Maggies at Trentham

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