165 – Foong Koh Buckland: Her Renovating For Profit Journey

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foong koh buckland

Foong Koh Buckland Talks About Renovating For Profit

Foong Koh Buckland joined Bernadette Janson and Michelle Lewis to talk about her journey from being a pharmacist to renovating for profit. She is super driven, has loads of fun and lives in Adelaide. Foong owns a successful business named after her son, BenJon. 

Foong chatted to us about how she came to be a full-time renovator, completely replacing her income as a pharmacist in four years. We talked about how she manages eight, soon to be ten, projects at the same time, the benefits of joint ventures, taking control of your financial future, and profit margins.

Click play to get inspired by Foong Koh Buckland.

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Episode Highlights

  • [01:09] Why renovation?
  • [02:24] Being the brand behind the renovations.
  • [04:43] Types of renovation Foong is doing.
  • [6:32] Foong shares how she finds her joint venture partners.
  • [7:43] Foong is a rockstar renovator.
  • [10:08] How long has Foong been full-time as a renovator.
  • [11:36] Every woman has the choice to make themselves better.
  • [14:42] Take that big step.
  • [13:31] Tips for women who want to transition into multi-property renovations.
  • [14:54] A good team is a huge component of success.
  • [18:09] How Foong balances business and family life.
  • [19:12] Inspirational points for our women renovators.

You can learn so much from the book. You can learn from a lot of mentors. You can learn from everything. You can literally be a walking dictionary, but if you don’t go out from your comfort zone and take action, nothing will happen.
~ Foong Koh Buckland

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