164 – A Successful Mindset Is A Must For A Successful Renovation Business

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A Successful Mindset Is A Must For A Successful Renovation Business

Your mindset in the business of renovation determines how successful you will be in making a profit. Doing the courses and learning the skills required to get the job done are important, but unless you can translate your knowledge into an action plan, you are not going to change your life. 

Bernadette Janson spoke to Michelle Lewis, our renovation and mindset coach, about the value of mindset in renovating. She believes strongly in the power of investing in yourself and how it makes it possible to change your mindset. She said:

We all grow up with certain beliefs as children and in our families. And sometimes those beliefs can be huge blocks to our success and to ourselves… And so I’ve worked really hard on working through those blocks and having a mindset where I can really achieve anything that I want to.

Listen to Michelle’s advice about cultivating a mindset for success in the renovation-for-profit business.

 Watch the Episode on Video:

Episode Highlights

  • [01:29] Michelle Lewis as a Mindset Coach.
  • [02:15] The value of Mindset in renovating.
  • [03:36] Common Mindset issues for renovators.
  • [5:37]  Success begins at the end of your comfort zone.
  • [8:46] Bernadette donates phones to women knitting in India.
  • [11:02] Start with your “why?”
  • [12:54] The concept of being enough.
  • [14:02] Mindset needs work as well.
  • [17:24] It’s important to keep an open mind when renovating for profit.
  • [19:51] The importance of having an accountability partner or a coach.
  • [21:55] Write your accountability and goals.
  • [23:12] The benefits of having a community of women doing Reno around you.
  • [24:06] Am I too old to be doing Renovation?

In order to be successful, it’s 20% skillset, and it’s actually 80% mindset or head work or psychology. So you can do all the courses you want, but unless you take your knowledge and have an action plan, you’re not going to change your life. So if we all keep on the same trajectory where we are working a regular job, not investing in ourselves or our future, our future will look the same as it looked yesterday.
~ Michelle Lewis


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