162 – Property Management to Build Wealth with Penelope Valentine

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The School of Renovating and She Renovates Podcast with Bernadette Janson

Property Management to Build Wealth with Penelope Valentine

Penelope Valentine from Property Alchemy joined me to talk about investing in property. Penelope and her partner, Belinda, are particularly skilled at managing investment properties. 

After you purchase an investment property and add value to it through renovation, it is important that it generates wealth over time. Penelope and belinda are both long-term property investors and understand the value of a great property manager.

I had a lot of questions for Penelope which she answered clearly, making it clear that there are numerous benefits for people who have a mindset of wealth creation through property to engage a property manager. 

We talked about exactly what a property manager can do for you, the types of property management systems, what to look for in a property manager, the importance of property inspections and much more. Listen to this interview to learn more about how a property manager can make your investment properties more valuable. 

 Watch the Episode on Video:

Property Management to Build Wealth with Penelope Valentine

  • [01:38] Property management
  • [03:57] Things that a property manager will perform.
  • [04:48] How to advertise the property
  • [6:14] Current status of property rents in Sydney Australia
  • [07:51] The two systems of managing properties.
  • [09:35] Financial model of property management requires brilliant systems
  • [10:55] How to choose a property manager.
  • [12:51] Should an owner be attending inspections?
  • [18:13] General things that most tenants tend to look for.
  • [20:43] How does the residential tenancy act impact landlord

It’s really important that we work with people that have a mindset of wealth creation through property.
~ Penelope Valentine


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