161 – Completing A Renovation Project

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Tips to completing renovation

Completing A Renovation Project

This teaching episode focuses on tips for completing a renovation project. Getting to the end of a project has unique challenges, so you need a few good tactics to keep up your energy to realise your vision.

Some renovators revel in the details that take up time at the end of a project. By the time you are reaching completion you can feel quite tired and overwhelmed or even frustrated to get it done. I, like many other people, find completing a renovation project quite challenging. Listen to the fifteen tips I share with you that can help you work through the end of your renovation with a positive mindset.

 Watch the Episode on Video:

Completing A Renovation Project

  • [01:09] Make the painter the last trade in your program
  • [02:17] Start your landscaping early in your project
  • [03:35] You will need to clean your property several times
  • [5:14] Give yourself enough time to enjoy the renovation process
  • [06:04 ] Good lists will help you to delegate tasks
  • [07:04] The two main ways of doing styling
  • [10:00] Brief your photographer to highlight your wow features
  • [10:39] Maximize the Street appeals
  • [10:51] Educate your real estate agent
  • [12:54] Set the opens at a time when the property looks its best
  • [14:33] Prepare a handover manual
  • [15:08] Get support to manage your emotions

At the end of a project, you can feel quite tired and overwhelmed or even frustrated to get it done. So it is well worth maintaining a positive mindset and staying calm.
~ Bernadette Janson

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Bernadette Janson

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