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Ruth Newman Tells Us Why We Need A Home Renovation Project Manager

Do you manage your own projects or do you prefer to work with a project manager? The role of a project manager in a renovation is often poorly understood. I was talking to Ruth Newman during the class project about the fact that many of her clients choose to project manage their own renovations. It is an area in which our businesses overlap, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk to Ruth about what renovating project management involves.

Ruth has a business called Ruth Newman Architects,  asked in Sydney. They offer an architectural concierge service so that you don’t have to worry about the often forgotten or complicated aspect of a renovation project.

We talked about what project management on a renovation entails, the benefits of hiring project manager, the pitfalls of not hiring a project manager and the skills you need if you would like to manage your own project.

 Watch the Episode on Video:

Ruth Newman Talks About The Benefits Of Hiring A Home Renovation Project Manager

  • [01:35] Ruth Newman Architects
  • [03:50] Project managing your reno
  • [05:27] Small decisions that can impact the viability of the project
  • [7:08] Who does the project management?
  • [09:00 ] How Ruth chooses a builder
  • [11:23] How does the Project Manager get paid
  • [12:00] The issues when you’re trying to project manage your own project
  • [14:03] The impact of floodings on the building industry
  • [15:26] Skills required if you are going to project manage a project
  • [18:01] The importance of being organized in a project
  • [18:55] Communication is key
  • [19:22] Ruth’s most memorable project management story

I think that’s the key to any project though it’s just the communication. It’s the communication between yourself, your builder, the tradies, the counsel, everybody, if you all talk about it, you pretty much quickly can get a solution
~ Ruth Newman


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