159 – Looking Back At The Wonder Women Class Project

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Looking Back At The Wonder Women Class Project

At The School of Renovating, we teach women who want to renovate for profit how to create an income and a life they love. We had an idea for our Wonder Women community to do a class project so that those who were interested could learn firsthand what is involved in a renovation.

We put out the call to see who would be interested in contributing and getting involved in a renovation that we paid for in cash. Out of twenty applicants, we ended up with a team of fourteen wonderful, dedicated team members who all pulled their weight. 

It was a project full of challenges – some due to the pandemic but others were simply examples of the things that can, and do happen during a renovation project.

Three of our team members joined me to look back over the project to discuss the highs and lows, and everything they learned working as part of a big team. Listen to my chat with James Burgin, Christine Boundy and Sheree Lamb.

 Watch the Episode on Video:

159 – Looking Back At The Wonder Women Class Project

  • [01:15] The idea behind the Class Project
  • [02:23] The value of the large group
  • [07:14] The few natural roles that came out of the Class Project
  • [08:17] James Burgin ended up being the Roof Guy
  • [9:35] A project requires intense research
  • [11:37] The strategies for sourcing trades in the face of the pandemic
  • [13:27] The nasty surprises
  • [16:18] The advantage of using a buyer’s agent
  • [16:37] Creating Wow factors
  • [19:00] Sheree explained the importance of having a vision
  • [20:48] Our magnificent Kitchen
  • [26:31] The importance of team support when you’re feeling frayed.

I just think being involved, especially for the people that actually have never been involved in a renovation before to actually get firsthand knowledge and just see how everything works from the ground up and what the challenges are. That would have been worth more than any money that they’ve got at the end of the day out of the project.
~ Christine Boundy






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