158 – Jo Vadillo On The Australian Property Market

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Jo Vadillo on the Australian Property Market

Jo Vadillo Tells Us What We Can Expect From The Property Market Moving Forward

My dear friend Jo Vadillo agreed to present at She Renovates Live and then I cut her presentation short – so, to make it up to her I invited her to chat to us on the podcast about what has happened in the property market in the last two years and what we can expect going forward.

By looking back over the last year or so on what has happened in the property market is an important exercise. The past can inform what is going to happen and how we are going to approach the future. 

The banks have led people to believe that because the property prices went up so much last year, they will drop just as much this year. Unfortunately that is highly unlikely. The banks also predicted a 40% drop in prices at the beginning of COVID. I think it is safe to say that no one knows.

Jo Vadillo shared some interesting insights with me about the past and the future of the property market in Australia. She talked about the changes we’ve seen in selling and buying properties during COVID and what she predicts for 2022. She shares some valuable information for those who are looking to invest in property this year.

 Watch the Episode on Video:

Jo Vadillo on the Australian Property Market

  • [02:44] Property market in 2021 was incredibly competitive
  • [03:35] Big rise in the markets outside the capital city
  • [04:47] How Covid Restrictions impacted property sales in Melbourne and Sydney
  • [05:25] Property Auctions were done Online amidst Covid Restrictions
  • [6:56] Buyers needed to have the right level of professionals around them
  • [9:38] Sydney Property Market Growth
  • [10:39] Brisbane Property Market
  • [14:21] Jo Vadillo tells us what’s next for the property market in 2022
  • [15:50] Borrowing Capacity Assessment in 2022
  • [16:49] Hobart and Adelaide Market
  • [18:06] Trades Situation

There was a big, big rise in the markets outside of capital city as well, because why pay these exuberant mortgages to sit in your lounge room in a capital city when workplace has changed the way they operated.”
~ Jo Vadillo

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