143 – She Renovates Livestream Conference

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She Renovates Livestream Conference

143 – She Renovates Livestream Conference

She Renovates Conference brings together our community of women who are at various stages in their renovating and property journey to share their deals, their strategies and their experience.

Podcast: Download (Duration 25:24 — 23.2MB)

She Renovates Livestream Conference


  • [01:11] Background of our first event last year
  • [02:33] Our event will go bigger and better
  • [03:36] Presenting a renovation model to those wanting to get ahead financially
  • [06:05] Renovating as a way to accelerate progress
  • [08:11] She Renovates Conference: Opportunity to build your renovating brains trust
  • [10:43] Keeping up with current renovation trends
  • [12:48] Access to the private podcast via online portal
  • [14:08] Transform women’s life with renovating and Airbnb
  • [15:21] Instagram Queen: Emily Osmond
  • [16:59] Renovators concept sessions giveaway
  • [17:56] Early bird special and She Renovates coupon code
  • [18:44] Ask Bernadette: What’s your reno question?
She Renovates Livestream Conference

The She Renovates Live is now an annual thing and the objective is to educate and inspire you to keep you up to date with what’s happening in the industry, what’s happening in the market and to help you navigate the many challenges and also to keep you motivated.”

~ Bernadette Janson

We ran our first event last year. 

My goal was to bring the audience of this podcast together in real life. And of course, we were struck by the scourge of COVID19, it was on again and off again, but we did find a little window of opportunity in between lockdowns, where we were able to run it live at the Grounds of Alexandria. We had a room full of renovators buzzing and we committed to running it again. We set the date, thinking that COVID19 would have well and truly been a distant memory, but it’s not. 

I considered postponing until next year but then I thought

We are in the most amazing environment for renovators at the moment.”

The skill of a renovator is being able to bend and flex to the circumstances. A lot of us are doing projects remotely. It makes sense that we should approach the She Renovates Conference with the same mindset.

And so rather than plan A or B we are going with plan C which is to go bigger and better. Now is an amazing time to be on the property. I don’t want to squander that opportunity to be able to share what is happening behind the scenes with renovating or to take the opportunity to bring our podcast audience together.

Women Need To Build Financial Capacity With Their Renovating

The main objective is for it to be a  renovation course, to present a model for people wanting to get ahead financially with renovating. It’s really important for everyone, but it is especially important for women that they have the capacity to be able to make up financial ground. Many Australian women, even those that appear to have it all, are just one unfortunate event away from a life of financial hardship and even homelessness.  Women over 45 at the moment are the fastest-growing demographic at risk of being homeless.  The reasons are quite complex, but I believe that the main cause is tied up in our DNA. I know because I’ve been there myself. 

When we become mothers, in particular, our focus moves from our personal, financial security to the welfare and care of our children and our families. It is almost always at the expense of our own financial well-being. Now add to that, the high divorce rate and the gender pay gap, then you’re seeing a pretty grim picture. And when I say women who seemingly have it all, It’s true that if you are not taking care of your ability to earn a substantial income, taking care of your superannuation and your retirement planning, if that is all tied up with your partner and something happens, (please God, it doesn’t) life can change very quickly. My mum was widowed at 45, which made me acutely aware of the realities. That’s why, even though I have been in a loving relationship for over 30 years, I was determined that I was going to build the capacity to be able to stand on my own two feet. For me, that’s been renovating and I’m pleased to say many women are deciding to take control of their financial future using renovating as a way to accelerate progress

Maintaining Motivation and Inspiration In Your Renovating

Most renovating women are hardcore closet designers and real estate addicts. For them, this new direction is a source of great joy. So that’s why we must progress with our plans to bring you together and to build on your goals, to build financial security using renovating, Airbnb and property in general.

And so the She Renovates Conference is now an annual thing and the objective is to educate and inspire you, to keep you up to date with what’s happening in the industry, what’s happening in the market, to help you navigate the many challenges and also to keep you motivated. 

Even when you love what you are doing, you need inspiration and motivation.  

Zig Ziglar says motivation is like bathing, it needs to be done daily. 

The She Renovates Conference is part of our plan for keeping you inspired and motivated.

 So, what is it? 

It’s a two-day high value, high energy Livestream conference. 

The theme is real women creating unreal results. We’re shining a light on how women from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages are changing their lives by renovating an Airbnb.

The intention is for women to put their focus on their personal financial security and to take the steps they need to live a prosperous, inspired life with renovating and property.

A Zoom Free Event

she renovates live conference


One of the benefits of attending events is the human connection, the opportunity to network and to build your renovating brains trust. I don’t think Zoom does a very good job of it.

We went in search of a better option, and I’m happy to say that we have been successful. So we have engaged a company who provides an amazing platform that is as good as face to face AND you don’t have to wear shoes or pants for that matter !! ( Too far?)

You’ll be able to choose who you sit with, you’ll be able to network with your table.

You can also move around, go to another table or into the lounges and chat with the speakers 

  • There will be a lounge dedicated to  Wonder Woman. 
  • Some of our sponsors will also set up a lounge,
  • There will also be a help lounge. (for assistance if you are having tech problems)

You will have the ability to create rich connections with other renovators.

A Program To  Follow The Principles Of Renovating And Airbnb For Profit.

So the program will follow the principles of renovating and Airbnb for profit. 

It will start with foundation principles, such as financing, design, budgeting and project management. We will cover a variety of strategies such as:

  • Renovating your family home (so that you can build equity for your next step.)
  • Flipping for lump sum profits
  • Joint ventures 
  • Getting started after separation 
  • The avocado smash strategy. So that’s just a few of the strategies that we’re covering. 

We’ll also be moving into some more advanced strategies

  • Mother-daughter businesses, in renovating and Airbnb, 
  • Micro development 
  • Relocating  houses to name a few

 You will also be getting up to speed with what’s going on in the market.

  •  What areas are working? 
  • What’s happening with legislation? 
  • What’s happening in design trends.

But the most important thing about this is the opportunity for you to build your support network of peers and industry professionals. Having an educated brain’s trust is essential for renovators. Networking opportunities like this are priceless. I don’t know of another event like this.

An Exclusive Private Pre Conference Podcast

The other thing that we are doing that’s slightly different this year is that when you get your ticket, you will also get access to a private pre-conference podcast in which we will do some sessions leading into the conference with some of the presenters.  There are a couple of  sessions we’ll want you to do a little bit of pre-work, so you get the best value out of the conference

We will publish all the recordings of the event in video form, in the online portal with all the handouts.  We will also publish the recordings in the Private She Renovates Conference Podcast. I find podcasts much easier to consume because you can listen to them while you’re out walking while you are, um, you know, driving in the car.

Who Is She Renovating Live Conference For?

She Renovates Conference is for women who want to transform their life with renovating and Airbnb. So if you’re just getting started and you don’t know where to start, this is a great foundation. You might be post-separation and wanting to reinvent yourself.

You might’ve already done a couple of projects and want to take your renovation to the next level,  we have more advanced strategies for you.

It’s also for industry professionals, buyers, agents, mortgage brokers, anyone who works with renovators and wants to understand the process more.  Of course, we do work with quite a few buyer’s agents and some of them will be at the event. This is for anyone who has a business that’s associated with renovating.

Instagram queen, Emily Osmond, coming to talk about how to build a profile for your renovating or Airbnb business with Instagram.

We’re also covering joint ventures.

Joint ventures are good for getting started when you don’t have all your ducks lined up in a row. The way the property market is moving at the moment, if you wait another year and you’ve just gotta have that much more money, under your belt. So getting started is a good thing.

This is also for you if you are looking down the road at retirement, and thinking about renovating as a means of creating income and also living a more creative and inspired life. It’s for women wanting to downsize profitably. 

It’s also for women just getting started in property or building equity in your family home. 

A  Massive Before and After Binge-Fest!!

More than  20 speakers will deliver a range of case studies with profits up to the high six figures. A  Massive Before and After Binge-Fest!!

she renovates live conference

David will be working his magic on floor plans.

This year we are giving away a Renovator Concepts session. We’ll draw the prize on day one and the lucky winner will then go and work with David to prepare the concept. And then on day two, he’ll present it to the conference. So we’ll get to see it happening in real-time which will be a lot of fun.

There will also be lots of prizes and giveaways because you know how much I love to do the prizes. Also, participants will be sent out gorgeous event packs We’re event giving away a pair of Bobbi boots ( Standard WonderWomen uniform!!)

She Renovates Live Stream Conference Early Bird Tickets

Early bird tickets are available now. Tickets include a second for your reno bestie. And because you are part of our community, we have a special coupon code for She renovates listeners and community just till the end of the month. Use the code SHERENOVATES.

she renovates live conference

She Renovates Facebook Group

If you’re sitting there thinking I wonder and have a question to ask head over to our free  She Renovates Facebook Group. You will find over a thousand crazy renovators who just love talking, renovating and would love to answer your question.

She Renovates Free Facebook Group

If you want to meet up with a group of savvy renovators. I would say come over and join She Renovates Facebook Group. It’s a completely FREE Facebook group and it is growing at the rate of knots. We hit over a thousand members just recently, and now it seems to have picked up momentum. They are all savvy renovating women and men working their little hearts out to live a better life through renovating.

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