140 – How To Use The Power Of Emotion To Sell Your Renovation

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emotions of selling a home

140 – How To Use The Power Of Emotion To Sell Your Renovation

Knowing the emotions of selling a home can maximise your renovation profits. Prepare the selling process, with the buyer’s emotions in mind.

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How To Use The Power Of Emotion To Sell Your Renovation


  • [01:28] Things to understand when buying, renovating and selling your family home
  • [02:15]Two main parts of the brain that take a role in everyday decision-making
  • [04:06] Having an owner-occupier as your buyer
  • [05:21] Points to consider in preparing a property
  • [07:54] Managing first impressions in your property
  • [10:16] The two-bedroom apartment in Arncliffe
  • [11:36] Selling not just the property but the dream
  • [12:52] Not just about looking for another home but for a better life
  • [15:21] How you can solve a problem with styling before you start spending
  • [16:54] Use the power of story to engage your buyer
  • [17:56] Things to do when struggling for ideas
  • [19:47] Use lighting to emotionally connect with your buyer
  • [21:03] The School of Renovating online event
emotions of selling a home

When they come to look at your property, you want to make sure that you deliver them the message that if they live in this home, their life will be perfect. So no clutter, everything put away, a place for everything and everything in its place.”

~ Bernadette Janson

Understanding The Emotions Of Selling A Home 

In buying a home for yourself, you would have experienced that sensation where you feel like your heart has skipped a beat and had the flutter of excitement when you step into a home. You are deeply connected with it and you want to be able to make it your family home, which becomes a bit of an obsession.

As a renovator, we want to be able to trigger the emotional part of our buyer’s brain. 

Getting the best sales result ensures we can cover all those costs that we need to cover before we get into profit.

How To Prepare A Property For Sale To An Emotional Buyer

Hint: ALL buyers are emotional buyers!

  • Manage first impressions. It takes about three minutes for a potential buyer to understand whether a home is for them or not. An emotional buyer will make the decision before they even know they’ve made it. Here are some Top Reno Style Tips:
    • Manage the street appeal. If you can get more people to get out of their car and come in and look at your property, then you are increasing the supply of potential buyers and the likelihood that more than one person will fall in love with it and want to buy it. 
    • Obscured view at the entrance door. Ideally have a scenario when someone steps in the house, they can’t see a lot of what’s to come. The home sort of reveals itself in stages, stepping in the door and maybe seeing a beautiful piece of artwork or a whole table. Something that grounds them and makes them feel there is more to come, but what they see in that first moment is very beautiful.
    • Create a  wow feeling as they see the Hero room.  The strongest room in the house often will be the kitchen or outdoor living scenarios. If you’ve got something that’s an open plan, you can see that your life will be pretty well perfect, you will be an entertainer.
  • Give them what they want by selling them the dream. You want to make sure that you deliver them the message that if they live in this home, their life will be perfect. No clutter and that there’s a place for everything and everything in its place. This means making sure if someone opens a wardrobe, what they see inside is tidy. Not that they open a wardrobe and everything tumbles out on top of them.
  • Expand their dream with your offering. You are well on the way to getting the outcome you want as you engage with your buyer’s future goals.
  • Use the power of the story to engage your buyer. Every property has a story to tell and stories help create connections. You would know that when you go and look at properties – the agent will have some sort of story about the property.
  • Put together property fact sheets. It’s an important task in which you go through every single room and you write a description of what they’re buying because if you don’t tell your buyer what they’re getting, they won’t know.
    The agent doesn’t have time to outline every single feature and things get missed. 
  • Use the lighting to engage your buyer emotionally. Lighting is extremely powerful because it has an ethereal effect and it can sell 24/7. Look at what you can do in the garden, in the windows, to be able to use some accent lighting that will draw people’s attention to the property as they drive past you.

The Two-Bedroom Apartment Renovation In Arncliffe

Odette did this renovation in Arncliffe and what we were really concerned about is the apartment was right at the back of the building and it was a bit of a track to get to it. Getting to the apartment is not ideal.

If you’ve got a situation like this, you need to do something to draw people in. To make that as perfect as possible. Our selling agent brought a pair of secateurs and tidied up the hedge going down that track. so that people weren’t going to get whacked in the face by errant strands of Jasmine sticking out!

There is a reason why they’re looking for another home. And it’s important to note that it’s not just a home that they are looking for, they’re looking for a better life.” 

~ Bernadette Janson

Also check the engaging article, 7 Helpful Tips To Engaging Emotion To Sell Your Renovation Property, with more insights about using the power of emotion to maximise your renovation profits.

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