154 – 10 Things A Good Handyman Can Do On Your Project

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good handyman is a jack-of-all-trades for home or house renovations

10 Things A Good Handyman Can Do On Your Project

A good handyman can make your job so much easier. He has a critical role to play in your renovation project. You need someone who is reliable, time-efficient, cost-effective and has a great attitude.

I learn something from every renovating project I do. In the job I have just completed, The Newcastle Project, I learned the true value of having a good handyman. 

In this case we had problems nailing down our carpenter as a team member. Our handyman stepped up to the plate and helped us out.

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10 Things A Good Handyman Can Do On Your Project


  • [01:40] A Handyman has a critical role in renovating
  • [02:50] Your handyman is invaluable in assembling, installing and modifying your flat pack
  • [04:00] Wardrobe renovations
  • [06:25] Installing off-the-shelf products
  • [07:04] Adding finishing touches to the exterior 
  • [8:29] Interior finishing touches
  • [9:20] Realise your design ideas
  • [9:35] Wall paneling
  • [12:13] A jack-of-all-trades can create a European laundry
  • [11:15] The best option for installing floating floors
The School of Renovating and She Renovates Podcast with Bernadette Janson

A handyman has a critical role in renovating. If you can get someone who is good, that can make your job so much easier. So by good, I mean, someone who is reliable, time efficient, has a great attitude and cost effective.

Tasks For Your Handyman in Your Renovating Project

You want to make sure your handyman is competent and efficient so that he can take on all of the extra tasks the other trades don’t want to do. Here is a list of tasks that your jack-of-all-trades can take on.

1. Carpentry

Quite often I find that the handyman is a qualified carpenter who will help us finish off all of the odd jobs that are often not completed by the specialist carpenter we have hired. They may even be able to handle the entire job. A good handyman can potentially save you a lot of money by reducing the number of trades you have to hire.

2. Flat Pack

Whether it is kitchens, wardrobes, vanities, or any other flat-pack product, your jack-of-all-trades is invaluable in assembling, installing, and modifying them for you. He will save you both time and money.

3. Wardrobe Renovations

A good handyman is a great asset for your renovation project when it comes to those old wardrobes from the forties and fifties. You know the ones? Yucky old shelves with wallpaper inside. Your trusted handyman can replace the doors and install new shelves and hanging, giving an ugly built-in wardrobe a refreshing facelift. A cost-effective way of getting a good outcome.

4. Installing Off-The-Shelf Products

Glass shower screens, shelving, balustrades and blinds that you buy off-the-shelf still need to be installed. Your handyman can get that done for you efficiently and cost effectively. Bear in mind though, that you might need to be around to offer a helping hand. Some jobs need an extra pair of hands.

5. Exterior Finishing Touches

There are countless jobs for your handyman to add the finishing touches to the outside of your renovation project. I have used a handyman for fences, gates, window awnings, retractable blinds, and deco pergolas.

6. Interior Finishing Touches.

Finishing touches are not reserved for outside. Your handy right-hand man can help you hide the less attractive parts of functional objects. I will often ask my handyman to build bulkheads over kitchen cabinets, pelmets over windows and screening walls.

7. Realise Your Design Ideas

A good handyman can bring your wonderful design ideas to life.

8. Replace Doors And Hardware

Replacing doors can be a big cost for very little gain. It is something we try not to do, but the handyman can make the job easier and more cost effective.

9. European Laundry

Your handyman is the right person for the job if you are wanting to create a European laundry. He can install the flat pack cabinetry and shelving to fulfill your vision of a classy laundry room.

10. Floating Floors

It is probably best to use a specialist for this job, but the right handyman could handle the job for you.

I am sure there are a lot of other jobs a good handyman could help you with. I would love to hear what your trusty handyman has done for you.


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