Our Martin Luther King Style Dream For Our Renovation Courses Online

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Renovation Courses Online

Our Martin Luther King style dream – for our renovation courses online

Bernadette Janson shares, in true Martin Luther King style, “l have a dream”.

It is to have the most effective, enriching and inspiring of all the renovation courses online. As a result, I always aim to have a live project going for our students of The School of Renovating to learn with.

The challenge has been that it has usually been my personal projects. This has been a bit too theoretical and I think you learn more when you have skin in the game.

I was contemplating this when an idea came from one of our students and financial planner Mary Benton. Mary suggested we ask our community to pool resources to fund our teaching project for our renovation courses online.

Call-out to our renovation courses online community

We received 20 applications from interested students who might want to invest and learn on a real renovation project.

Ultimately 14 community members from The School of Renovating joined the circle submitting a combined $1,175,000 in funds.

We worked with My Property Circles to establish the legal documentation and set up a bank account. And then we were off and running.

My dream does not end there, I have some lofty hopes for this Class Project concept:

  • Make the experience of being a member of our community richer
  • Give our students a practical working example of the $100k cosmetic plus system we teach in our renovation courses online.
  • Provide one-on-one mentoring experience for one of our Wonder Women Renovators
  • Stop lining the banks’ pockets and line our students’ pockets instead

The Big Kahuna for our Class Project Renovations

Ultimately my dream is to have multiple class projects in multiple locations, utilising multiple strategies and each headed up by one of our community of Wonder Women Renovators.

But as my darling husband would say, I am getting a bit ahead of myself!

Finding the first Class Project to Renovate

We were keen to renovate a house because usually it is easier to make more profit and the market in Sydney makes our budget prohibitive so we decided to turn our search to Newcastle.

Renovation Courses online
Renovation Courses Online

Implementing the Class Project Plan

The next step is to find a suitable property and apply our $100k Cosmetic Plus renovation system from our renovation courses online.

Stay tuned for the next progress report of our exciting Class Project…

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