New Ways To Succeed With Post-Covid Renos

post covid renovation

Are you thinking about your next renovation project? Before you do, I encourage you to do something…

Think about how COVID changed everything.

We usually do renovations with the buyer in mind, right? So, if the pandemic caused a lot of changes in how society lives and moves. You need to look at renovating from a different perspective. Start with how it changed YOUR life.

Consider how you have to do everything from home. You often have to, or can work from home. You often conduct your meetings at home. Even your kids more frequently have to study from home. We are in a new era of hybrid working – home and office. In the midst of these, if you’ve ever looked at your home and thought…

I wish this area was bigger… and I hope I can put this here…”

You can bet buyers are thinking about the same thing! This begs the question…

What are the renovation issues to be considered post-COVID?

I invited Deborah de Jong to speak at one of our events. As the founder of Fantastic Furniture, she knows a lot about renovations and home interiors. And Deborah mentioned a couple of tips renovators should consider in the post-pandemic era.

#1. No-touch fixtures

This is specific for the bathroom.  Things like no-touch taps or toilets are now more in-demand. So, consider this when you’re doing bathroom renovations.

#2. Ventilation

This has always been a concern when it comes to renovating properties. With the pandemic, it has shifted to be one of the most important ones.  Now, people want more vents in their homes to allow fresh air to come in – even in bathrooms.

#3. Spatial planning

This refers to the psychology of space. People have to be able to move about their houses with ease. Not only that, think about the future – they now want to live in their homes longer. So, make sure the layout of the house won’t be an inconvenience to them for the years to come.

#4. The Zoom Room

Just about everyone needs a secluded space where they can connect with video and audio to work colleagues or distant family members. You can get creative with how you provide for this. It could be a corner nook with a desk or another small space to use as a study. Smart styling of the ‘Zoom background’ is important too. A bookcase, art on the wall, lighting…

#5. Sustainability

This includes energy-saving techniques.  Also, put plants inside the house as well. Or make sure windows face green landscapes. Plants can clean the air around us and are calming to look at. So, consider adding this element when you renovate.

What do you think of these tips? Are these useful for your future renovation projects? Tell me what you think through the contact form

To your success,

Bernadette Janson


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