Four Tips On How to Manage a Renovation

Image :Our latest reno is on Janson HQ. This is the first of two stair cases to accomodate the installation of a lift.

Image: Our latest reno is  Janson HQ. This is the first of two staircases to make way for the installation of a lift.

Four Tips On How to Manage a Renovation

Want to ensure the success of your renovation project every single time?

Then, all you have to do is find a tradesman that you can rely on.

And to help you with that…

I’ll share with you four tips on how to manage a renovation and hire the right people for your project:

Tip #1: Prepare your Scopes of Work

Before you start hunting tradies for your next renovation project, you need to be as detailed as possible about your project.

That’s where a scope of work comes into play.

Prepare your scopes of work before scouting for tradesmen so that it’s easier to get a quote for exactly what you want to do. 

Unless you choose to have one builder to manage the whole reno project (usually at a higher cost), then you will need to prepare a scope of work for each trade you need. E.g. plumber, electrician, tiler, etc.

Tip #2: Get More Than One Quote for Each Trade

Once you’re ready with a scope of work, it’s time to do some shopping.

Send out your scope of work to three to four tradies you think could do what you need.

Let them read your document then ask them to quote on the job.

You should also check how they would respond to your scope of work…

And if they can actually do everything you ask of them.

Remember, don’t just send your scope of work to one person.

Tip #3: Do A Background Check on the Tradesman You Choose

Once you’ve gone through all the quotes…

And selected one tradie you think would fit the bill…

Don’t draft and sign the contract just yet!

Make sure to do a background check on your first choice first.

Do your due diligence.

Find out if they have an up to date license… 

Or if they have insurance to cover them for the duration of your project.

Get in touch with their past clients and ask how their projects went.

Determine their work ethic and find out how reliable they are onsite.

Tip #4: Look After Your Tradies

If your first candidate passes all your checks, then proceed with contract signing.

Importantly, your part should not end there.

You have to show your tradies how much you appreciate them.

So, keep your communication lines open.

Always pay them on time.

And, as a general rule, don’t ever forget to treat them well. Small gestures to build rapport can make a big difference.

Remember : 

The success of any renovation project relies on the people you hire to get the job done well.

Follow these four tips on how to manage a renovation and you’ll never be led astray.

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