Bernadette Janson Tells How To Replace Income With Renovation

replace income with renovation

How To Replace Income With Renovation

Replace income with renovation today! It is a way to make money and build your wealth while also making a good return on your investments.

Do you have a dream of giving up your day job? Or what about making some money after you retire? 

What if I told you that it is possible? And you can do it in two years with home renovations. All you need is a plan. 

Renovating for Profit: Replace Income With Renovation

Renovating property has the potential for being very lucrative. Having an idea and the desire to do it is not enough, though. Let me share the process of creating a profitable home renovation business with you. 

First, you will need to:

  1. Build a team of professionals that you can trust
  2. Develop business and renovating skills
  3. Build your business structure to minimize risk and maximise profit

Replace Income With Renovation: How To Go From Zero To Profit Doing Home Renovations

The goal is for you to make a living from buying properties, renovating them and selling them. There is some groundwork to be done before this can become a reality. 

In order to make money, you have to spend money. You have to purchase the investment property and then pay for building materials and professionals to get the job done.

How much can you make on a property? At the School of Renovating we aim for a conservative profit of ten percent. Often we do better than that.  But a low-profit estimation makes sure we don’t get any surprise shortfalls at the end of the project once all of the expenses have been paid.

It is best to start while you are still earning a salary. Take two years to renovate a few properties at a lower price point. The goal is to build up a record of profit that you can take to your financial provider to secure investment finance without having a salary to back you up.

It can happen that you either have the investment property but you don’t have the cash or the other way around. In that case, it can be beneficial to join forces with a joint venture partner. 

You would have to split the profit, so you would need to complete more jobs to earn as much as you want to. It might take a bit longer to build the profit-making renovations machine you are dreaming of.

You Can Make A Profit From Renovations

You can make a living from home renovations. If you have the will to transform your life you can make it happen. Turn your back on your day job and make your renovating business dreams come true. Perseverance and determination can take you from zero to profit in two years.



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