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Growing Your Successful Home Renovation Business

I have used Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” to support me to grow my successful home renovation business. It was the first personal development book I ever read. In it Napoleon Hill shares concepts that I never knew existed. These were massive revelations to me!

Find Your Manual For Business Success

I found the book to be so empowering that I use it as a manual for success. While writing the book, Napoleon Hill interviewed numerous successful entrepreneurs. He sifted through their stories and filtered out any commonalities in how they operated. The result – an empowering guideline for those of us who don’t have the time to do the research for ourselves. 

Thirteen basic principles for success are identified and explained, creating a handy business success reference. I frequently go back to the book when I am struggling with something. I hone in on whichever principle is tripping me up at the time.

The Top Three Principles I Use To Build And Maintain A Successful Home Renovation Business

My top three principles for growing a thriving renovations business are:

    1. You must have a burning desire to succeed. It cannot be plucked from thin air, it has to be something from deep within. Talk about your dreams; bring them to life. Remind yourself everyday what your goals are.
    2. Create a mastermind. Get support from people who are specialists in their field. Asking for help is often people’s biggest hurdle. And, if you are willing to ask for advice you will get the guidance you need to make your chances of succeeding in business greater. Surround yourself with people who have the expertise and understanding of what you are trying to achieve.
    3. The power of persistence. Stick at it until you win. It takes grit and determination. You may need to go back and remind yourself what needs to be done. Which part of your business are you struggling with? How can you overcome that hurdle?

Think and Grow Rich” has been my guidebook for achieving results in my projects and for growing my business. It has been a huge learning curve for me. While I have been renovating for forty years, I only started out on my journey of new discovery and mindset development about a decade ago.

The book has been instrumental in my success. The thirteen principles outlined in the book provide a terrific roadmap to follow and review.

I have been able to develop a system that is scalable and repeatable. A system that provides security for me, the people I love, and the community of people I work with. I am grateful that I have been able to grow a successful business. ~ Bernadette


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