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People will spend thousands of dollars on a kitchen renovation to make it modern and create a space that suits their style and design. Deep memories and connections are made in the kitchen. That is why I consider it to be the heart of the home. 

The kitchen is central in people’s lives. That is why a great modern kitchen can sell a home. In fact, some people buy a house just because they love the kitchen. It may be wrong to judge a book by its cover, but your house will be judged on how your kitchen looks and feels.

The Modern Kitchen Must Blend With The Living Room

Way back in the 1960’s the kitchen was reserved for family only. All cooking and cleaning took place behind closed doors. It was considered an intrusion to make yourself comfortable in someone else’s kitchen.

All that has changed. The modern kitchen is an inviting room where friends and family gather and mill around the island bench. People are now welcome in the very heart of the home.

This is what homeowners want. So, in order to maximise the value of your kitchen renovation, the kitchen needs to be opened up into the adjacent living room. The walls separating the two rooms must go!

By opening up the kitchen you create more space for people to move around the island bench. It increases, what we call, the “Hangout Value”.

Invite The Outside In By Opening Your Kitchen To The Outside

You can take your modern kitchen remodel a step further by connecting your kitchen with the outdoors. Your living space flows more naturally from the living room, through the kitchen, and out onto the deck or outdoor living space.

Your home immediately becomes more appealing to the modern home buyer. The overall look and feel are more appealing. Best of all, you can add significant value to your home simply by giving the kitchen a makeover.

Top Three Factors To Consider When Renovating Your Kitchen

Now that you are dreaming of all the open space you are going to create when you remodel your kitchen, don’t forget that there are certain things that need to be considered when planning the ideal modern kitchen.

Factor #1: Shape

To save costs, many people opt for a straight kitchen. It is not necessarily a bad option, but there are more interesting kitchen shapes to choose from:

  • Galley kitchen – two straight kitchens parallel to each other.
  • Add an island bench – a great way to make your kitchen the social centre of your home.
  • L-shaped
  • U-shaped

Whatever shape you choose, make sure to take the “golden triangle” into consideration. It means that there should be a minimum number of steps between the fridge, sink and stove.


Factor #2: Kitchen Components

The kitchen is a functional space where all of the cooking takes place. These three components are crucial for all well-designed kitchens:

  • Pantry: substantial storage space makes a difference.
  • Appliances: make sure there is a designated space for everything. The sink and the dishwasher need a water supply and drainage; there needs to be a space for the microwave; the cooker should be built into the cabinetry.
  • Shelving: open shelving is a great option for a limited budget.

Factor #3: Style

The modern kitchen falls into one of three major categories:

  • Nature kitchen: The kitchen design includes a natural colour palette and features such as a stone-clad island bench.
  • Aspiring chef kitchen: Model this kitchen to include lots of high-tech appliances. Make sure there is plenty of space to make drinks, snacks and meals.
  • Character kitchen: these are the Hamptons, the retro, and industrial cottage-style kitchens. And they’re making a big comeback.

A well designed and remodelled modern kitchen is the heart of the home. Creating a functional, inviting space right in the centre of your living area gives your home style. It becomes an inviting place for friends and family to gather; a reflection of you and your sense of style.


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