5 Winter Home Styling Tips To Make Your Home Cosy for Winter

winter home

Following some favourite winter home styling tips can prepare your home as the last dregs of warmth drain from the southern sky and the air gets a distinct chill. There is almost an audible click as the season switches over into winter mode.
The crispness in the air somehow makes our airy decor quite forlorn.

It’s time for some stealth winter styling ideas to warm our homes and our hearts.

Such is the beauty of styling. You can transform cool, gauzy coastal into deliciously moody bohemia with the flick of a throw and some well-chosen accents.

If you are one to adhere to house rules of seasonality, here are 5 Winter Home Styling Tips To Make Your Home Cosy for the cooler season.

Dial-Up On Colour

Treat your decor in the same way you do your wardrobe. Curate a set of styling bits each for the summer and winter and rotate with the seasons.

Colour is a powerful tool in setting the scene. The colder months call for deliciously rich and moody colours. Draw on the earthy colours of the forest floor the stormy sea and winter sunset. Deep red, chocolate, navy, aubergine, and forest to name a few, that make a home feel cosy and safe.

Example: English designer Abigail Ahern is the queen of the moody colours scheme.

winter home

Layer Up With Texture

Layer up your beds and sofas with textures in your throws and cushions. Nothing says cosy like furs (fake of course), velvets, quilted or knitted throws. Consider a lovely large quilted cotton cover on the end of the bed with a luxuriously fringed knit lounging on top.

Don’t forget to drape the odd lambskin (Mongolian for the exotic) lazily over a bench or chair.

Example: Coco Republic

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Bring In The Botanicals

Take natures to lead and fill the home with winter blooms, fresh or dried. Nothing speaks to the cooler months as a vase brimming with hydrangeas or vintage roses. Fragrance plays an important part in how we feel. Unfortunately, it has all but been cultivated out of roses these days.

Scented candles and oil burners provide the perfect vehicle to introduce some warming aromas. Try Peppermint, Bergamot, Cloves, Cinnamon, Lavender…

Turn Up The Heat: Warmer Winter Home Styling Tips

An open fire is the holy grail of winter warming but is unfortunately also ash generating machine. If you’re not partial to the daily shoveling of ash, you might consider a cheat and install a gas or ethylene equivalent. It’s a win-win, you get the effect of the fireplace without the daily drudgery.

Alternatively stack the fireplace with freshly sawn, picture perfect logs. Just waiting for the match but you don’t ever have to light it.


Capture The Northern Light

Which brings me to the subject of light, and that northern light is highly sought after in colder months. As the sun circles down low, find the windows on the northerly aspect that allow those warming rays to enter the home. Then strategically place an occasional chair, suitably draped in its winter finery for reading and generally luxuriating.



Wrapping Up: Winter Home Styling Tips to Touch Their Heart

Colour, texture, and aroma are powerful tools to style your home for winter cosiness. Remember not to prioritise style over the quality of family life.
If your home is not filled with love, no amount of cushions and throws will do.
True warmth comes from the heart.

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