3 Tips For Managing Your Renovation Projects To Get The Most From Your Trades

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3 Tips For Managing Your Renovation Projects To Get The Most From Your Trades

The successful completion of any renovating project relies on the people you hire to get the job done. You need people you can rely on. Let me share three tips with you to help ensure you hire the right people.


1. Get More Than One Quote

Before you ask anyone to quote on the job, take some time to prepare a scope of work that needs to be done. Don’t ask just one tradesman to give you a quote. I recommend asking three to four people to throw their hats in the ring. That way is some drop-off, you still have people you can rely on. 

Give them all the same scope of work so that they are all quoting for the same thing. It makes it a lot easier to compare quotes since you are comparing apples with apples. 

2. Do A Background Check On The Person You Choose

Once you have gone through all of the quotes, pick the tradesman you feel is the best fit for the job. But don’t offer them the job straight away. First you need to do your due diligence. Check their license and insurance. Make contact with past clients to make sure that they are reliable, their quality of work is good and that they are good to work with.

3. Show Your Trades How Much They Are Appreciated

When you are ready to proceed, engage the tradesman you have approved for your renovation project. And then look after him. Good communication between yourself and the people doing the work for you is key. Let them know where they stand. Perhaps the most important thing is to always pay them on time. In other words, just generally treat them well. If you get that right, you will find that you have a tradesman for life.

Managing your renovations project starts long before any tradesman sets foot on the property. To get the most out of your tradesman you need to do your homework first. Get more than one quote and once you have chosen who you feel is the best fit for you, do your homework. Make sure that they are professional and easy to work with. And then treat them well.



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