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1104, 2017

Painting, is it worth spending money on?

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How important is painting? Very! A good painter can fix a bad builder, yet a bad painter can make a good builder look, well, better. The painters are the last trade to come into the [...]

404, 2017

How much does a kitchen and bathroom renovation cost, and what about depreciation?

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This week the Housing Industry Association (HIA) released the HIA-GWA Kitchens and Bathrooms Report for 2013/14 and it presents some interesting implications for depreciation deductions. Over the years the report has provided some great insights [...]

2203, 2017

Timber vs. Masonry Construction

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A builder normally starts life in another career, normally a trade, before deciding they want to do more. In Queensland and Northern Territory, most of our builders have carpentry background, and are therefore more comfortable [...]

1003, 2017

Four Tricks To Reduce Wall Tiles Costs

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 There are four tricks I use to reduce my tiling cost while making sure the bathroom looks good...     Trick #1: Make sure your wall tiles aren’t your feature – have something else in [...]

303, 2017

Why Styling Your Home For Sale Gets Top Dollar!

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Is selling your home on your ’To-Do list’ for 2017? The first thing to think about is, ‘How do I get top dollar?’ Most busy families amass clutter; it’s in nearly every home across Sydney. [...]

2302, 2017

Case Study: Awesome Unit Renovation

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Our latest case study is a cracker because it showcases what can be done within a small space. It smashes a commonly held myth that a property built before 1987 will never have any depreciation deductions. The [...]

1302, 2017

Six Reasons Why Renovating Is The Best Job, EVER!

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1. You Live Longer Renovating means lots of walking. I have found that on a normal day on the job I will do between 10 and 20,000 steps. In the last week, that goes [...]