1. Upholstered bed heads

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the house, it is your sanctuary from the outside world. In 2017 Timber bedframes are out and upholstered are in. Most luxury homes and hotels have loved this trend for a while, thankfully now it is entering the mainstream. It’s a great way to add drama and glamour to a bedroom. If you have soft neutrals on the walls, why not try a bold colour bedhead? Or even a patterned one if you’re brave enough? There are so many great bedhead shapes too which help define the room and add character. Whether it’s a luxurious rich velvet or a simple linen with studs it really is an effective way to add opulence.

2. Colours to watch

Are you daunted by colour? Not sure what to add to give you the most impact? The colours to watch for 2017 are a deep navy blue and an emerald green. Both look great with rich leathers and natural linens. Why not use them to add a pop of colour with statement cushions or a divine feature armchair? These colours add depth and character.

3. Add nature where possible

Move the outdoors indoors, I love oversized pots with substantial sized plants, it gives the room a tranquil vibe and adds extra layers of depth. Think of placing a few indoor potted plants on tables or by the sofa, can bring a touch of Zen to your place at a minimal cost. It’s also great for energy flow and a good Feng Shui practice.

4. Mirrors

The best thing about mirrors is that they can give the illusion of a much larger space. No mater what size your home is, from feature mirrors to mirrored kitchen splash backs it creates an illusion of depth and light and adds a touch of metallic glamour to your home.

5. Large scale art

Less is definitely more with art. Try to focus on moving away from smaller pieces of art to something more substantial. It gives your home a more polished gallery like feel. Make sure it’s hung at eye level to achieve the best impact. You don’t need to spend a fortune with great finds from companies like www.zanui.com.au & https://www.templeandwebster.com.au who are always on-trend !